Road Arrow Formula Student

November 4, 2019    Tech Sport Project Student

Formula Student is the most prestigious engineering competition for students with over 600 university teams, from all over the world, competing in it. The aim of the competition is the education and development of students through the design and manufacturing of a competitive racing vehicle, and the success of the team is judged by renowned engineers from the automotive industry as well as the motorsport industry. The Year of 2020 Road Arrow will celebrate 10 years since its founding.

Formula Image

Every year project is getting bigger and in 2020 we are expecting the Electric Arrow, the first electric formula in Serbia. The 2020 season is foreseen for construction and testing of the first electric formula, followed by a performance at European competitions. A model of the formula is going to be tested in a wind tunnel at the beginning of 2020, and validation of these results will be based on data obtained on a racetrack. This formula will be a symbol of innovation in many ways. Besides DRS, BMS and ECU, it will have self-developed planetary gear units, monocoque, active aerodynamics, telemetry unit and many other subsystems. The carbon fibre monocoque instead of the steel chassis will contribute to the reduction of mass, and active aerodynamics will allow higher speeds on straight distances by moving flaps, which will significantly improve the performance of the formula.

Formula Image

After data obtained on race track we will conduct adjustment and corrections needed for better performance. Next step will be acquiring the data live and making adjustments live on the track during race. Results and news about tests and fresh telemetry reading you will be able to find on this blog next spring. Stay tuned.

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